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Filtration / Separation llanSystems




We provide a large number of separation systems covering most applications for almost all industries. It  is nearly impossible to inform you  in detail about all our capabilities.

If you do not find here what you are looking for, please give us a call or send an email and we will be pleased to assist you with the search for the most economical equipment  for your separation application.




Brine Softeners
Carbon Filters
Vacuum Belt Filters
Vacuum Belt
Brine Softening
Dry Cake Discharge

Filter System under construction

Some of the pictures in this web site are of equipment built under license of Delkor, Tecniplant, USF or Perrin. See also About AFS Inc.

Dry Cake Discharge Candle Filters
Filter Candles For ePTFE back Pulse Filters

To better support our European business, AFS Inc. has engaged in a close cooperation with Profilco, located in the Netherlands. Profilco will sell and produce the full line of AFS Inc. filtration equipment.

AFS Inc. will manage the European business from the soon to open European head office in Tarragona Spain.    

Oil Water Separation Technology

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European Partnership

pPTFE TEFFLUX ™ Multiple Tube Candles

pPTFE Membranes

Pilot Filter 4 Filter Candles