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Hermetically sealed Hyperbar Filter

One can compare an AFS Hyperbar filter best with a rotary drum filter mounted in a pressure type filter housing.

Instead of generating a vacuum, the filter housing is pressurized with air or an inert gas. The gas or air can be heated for enhanced cake drying.

Hyperbar or continuous pressure filters are most suitable for applications where fast amounts of solids have to be separated from a potentially hazardous liquids or gasses.

Solvents such as Hexane can create an explosive atmosphere. The filter is operated with an inert gas and can be re-circulated.

The gas will first pass a conditioning system before it is compressed and re-circulated. The O2 content in the inert gas is carefully monitored.


With hyperbar filtration, the flow rate can be twice as high as with a vacuum type filter. Another advantage is the lower energy consumption compared to vacuum filter systems.

For optimum performance, the filter drum is separated in several segments for filtration, cake washing, cake drying and cake discharge.

Several types of filter cloth can be selected, from metallic to materials as Teflon.

The filter system can be constructed of a wide range of different materials, suitable for corrosive as well as high temperature applications.

With vacuum filtration, elevated tempera- tures may cause flashing and consequently collapse of vacuum, something what never will happen with a hyperbar filter